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International Colloquium SC D2 CIRGE – 2017: the round table and the technical visit to OUPS

September 22 was a concluding day of the International Colloquium SC D2 CIRGE – 2017. It was dedicated to the reports of foreign experts, besides the program included the Round Table on cybersecurity and the technical visit to the Dispatch Center of SO UPS.

At the Round table foreign delegates had an opportunity to take the floor and to present their special reports: the expert from Italy Giovanna Dondosolla spoke about application of monitoring standards for enhancing energy system security and the representative of India, Narendra Singh Sodha devoted his speech to innovative smart grid transmission system monitoring using wide area monitoring, protection and control systems.

The participants of the Round table also drew attention to such topical issues as the Internet of things and Cybersecurity in the power industry sector. Discussions were held in a friendly atmosphere. The participants considered the mechanism of product certification which could meet the requirements of information security. Finally, speakers suggested the encryption techniques as a potential solution of the problem and covered some aspects concerning the implementation of this method. Irina Vasiljeva, the chairman of the Ministry of Energy announced the intentions of the Ministry to establish the basis for «digital power industry» and demonstrated a model of a new «digital energy-world» in the report entitled «Digitalization in electric power industry».

Vice President of the National Association of Industrial Internet Sergey Popov provided the explanation why the association had been established, described the challenges the company faces nowadays and highlighted the current tasks recognized as key priorities for the near future.

Nikolay Kovtun, the head of the department of information-security system development at Rostelecom reported on the methods of effective development and implementation of cloud-based services.

Maxim Nikandrov the chairman of Intelligent Networks and a head of the WG2 «Cybersecurity for management systems of modern electric power engineering facilities and power-system protection» was willing to sum up the results of the working process and to share the impressions of conducting the discussion in a format of that kind.

Vladimir Karantaev was appointed the head of the WG4 «Information security for communication and management systems in the electric power industry». He launched a report on specific features of legal regulation in the field of Information security in Russian Federation, which was partially based on the study presented previously by Giovanna Dondosolla. In addition V. Karantaev summarized the outcomes of the discussion and formulated the suggestions worked out by the participants of the round table. The above mentioned suggestions will be later presented to The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation in a form of official documents.

The round table session was followed by the technical visit to the Dispatch Center of the UPS System Operator. During the visit the members of the Study Committee of D2 CIGRE were shown into the central UPS dispatching office and were guided into the Training Center for the personnel. The guests got acquainted with the history of the UPS System Operator, its development prospects and; besides, they had an opportunity to appreciate its contribution to the establishment of the contemporary power industry sector. The representatives of UPS introduced the unique training scheme contributing to the qualification upgrading of dispatchers and other specialists of the technological department of the company.

The program of the final day included an unofficial part as well. Our guests enjoyed the guided tour of the Kremlin and the Armoury Chamber, taking a view of the most famous landmarks of the Moscow city center.